TML / UT Label Specs

Standards + Specs

Thickness Measurement Location (TML) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) labels are essential for identifying inspection points in various nondestructive testing (NDT) applications.

Material and Coating:

  • Material: 3.5 mil matte silver mylar polyester.
  • Coating: 1.0 mil UV laminate. This coating resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals, moisture, and wide temperature fluctuations.

Adhesive Properties:

  • Type: High-performance acrylic adhesive.
  • Features: Provides excellent bonding to metals, HSE plastics, and a variety of painted and textured surfaces.

    It also has low-leachable chloride, fluoride, and sulfur, which is important for preventing contamination.

Temperature Resistance:

  • Continuous Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) to 300°F (149°C).
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 58°F (14°C).

Label Variants and Warnings:

  • Labels come with various inscriptions such as “DO NOT REMOVE, NDT Inspection Point,” “TML Location, Do Not Remove,” and “UT Location, Do Not Paint.”

    These warnings ensure proper handling and identification of the inspection points.

These specifications ensure that TML and UT labels are durable and effective in harsh environments, making them suitable for various industrial applications such as in petroleum refining, chemical processing, and power generation.

Download TML / UT Label TDS