NDT Inspection Plugs + TML Labels

NDT specs
NDT Inspection Plugs

NonDestructive Inspection Plugs for (NDT) testing, (NDE) evaluation and preventative maintenance.

Removable, reusable NDT Test plugs are available in #304 Stainless Steel or #5052 Aluminum. 

NDT/NDE techniques methods can assess surface conditions like corrosion under insulated (CUI) on storage vessels, tanks, and pipelines in processing and refining operations.

NDTspek’s plugs are in use in Bio, Chemical, Pharma, Steam, Co-Gen, Nuclear, Petrochem and other industrial and military process and refining applications. Engineered to a higher standard.


TML & UT labels are used to locate and identify TML (Thickness Measurement Location) and Ultrasonic (UT) access/testing points on insulated and non-insulated pipes.

TML Labels are 3.5 mil matte silver mylar polyester material.  A 1.0 mil UV laminate matte coating resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals, moisture and wide temperature fluctuations.

The adhesive is a high performance acrylic for excellent bonding to metals, HSE plastics and a wide variety of painted surfaces.

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