NDT Inspection Plugs

NDT Inspection Plugs

NDT Inspection Plugs for continuous monitoring of Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) and pipeline mechanical integrity.

Specified plugs engineered for insulated pipe, storage tanks, pressure vessels and  petrochemical, oil and gas, steam and nuclear power generation facilities.

Removable inspection plugs allow repeat access for EPA/OSHA inspection and testing.

Inspection Plugs seal access testing points with Aluminum or Stainless Steel metal cap.

  • Protect against Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

  • Resistant to Chemical and UV Exposure Protection, Ozone and Weather
NDT plugs installed on pipeline
Inspection Plug Diameters

NDT Inspection Plug Sizes

Diameters:  1.5″ | 2.5″ | 3.0″ | 5.0″

(38 | 64 | 76 | 127 mm)

Plugs can be installed on smooth or corrugated insulated jacketing.

EPDM sleeve, metal cap with handle, lanyard and locking ring included.

NDT Plug Installation

Locate and mark the insulation jacket where the inspection plug will be installed:

  • Hole saws are best to penetrate the insulation jacket, cut a circumference equal to the plug to be installed.
  • Use either tin snips or a holesaw to penetrate the insulation jacket with a diameter equal to the size of the Inspection Plug.
  • Remove the insulation to expose the substrate for inspection.
  • After inspection, re-insert the insulation or replace it with a high-density material.
  • Insert the EPDM or Silicone Sleeve.
  • Install the Inspection Plug Locking Ring and Lanyard if equipped.
  • Insert the metal cap to create a seal

Note: Caulking around sleeve for cold weather applications recommended

TML / UT Inspection Point Labels

TML / UT Point Labels

Test Measurement Location (TML) +
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Inspection Point Labels

Inspection Point Labels to 
ID and locate testing access points.

250) labels per roll.

Note: Acrylic adhesives require 48-72 hours to achieve 90% of its ultimate bond strength for best performance.

Inspection Point Labels

  • The minimum application temperature for acrylic adhesive is 58°F (15°C).
  • Clean and dry the application surface for maximum bond strength.
  • The surface should also be free of loose particulates, such as dust, dirt, and corrosion.


Note: Acrylic adhesive requires 48-72 hours to achieve 90% of its ultimate bond strength.