Where NDT plugs are installed

Testing + Inspection

NDT plugs are used across various industries where Non-destructive testing is essential for inspecting the integrity and safety of materials and structures without causing damage. Some of the more common industries and applications where NDT plugs are used:

1. Aerospace: To check for defects in aircraft components and fuselage structures without causing damage that could lead to failure or reduce the lifespan of the parts.

2. Automotive: During the manufacturing process or in inspections of vehicles to identify potential issues in metal parts, composites, or welds.

3. Construction: To assess the integrity of structural components like steel beams, pipelines, or welds in buildings and infrastructure.

4. Energy and Power Generation: In the inspection of pipelines, boilers, heat exchangers, and other components critical to the operation of power plants, including nuclear reactors.

5. Oil & Gas: To check pipelines, drilling equipment, and offshore platforms for corrosion, fatigue, and other defects.

6. Manufacturing: To verify the quality of products such as castings, forgings, and machined parts without having to cut them open or otherwise destroy them.

7. Railroad: To examine rails, wheels, and other components for signs of wear and potential failure points.

8. Shipbuilding: To inspect hulls, propellers, and other parts of ships for structural soundness.

NDT plugs are part of the various tools and accessories used in these industries to facilitate testing methods such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, radiography, and others. The goal is to ensure that components in critical applications are free from defects that could lead to failure.

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