Training and Certification for NDE Engineers

Certs & Training

Unlike some other engineering disciplines, there are no formally established requirements for education, training, certification for NDE engineers. Most NDE engineers were formally educated in other disciplines and then stumbled into the NDE field during their careers and obtained additional education, training, and experience on the job to enable them to fulfill their job responsibilities.

Additionally, job responsibilities for an NDE engineer may vary widely from one place of employment to another, and even across different physical or organization locations within a single place of employment.

Examples of responsibilities that might be performed by an NDE engineer include:

Management of the NDE technician/inspector workforce to include assigning inspection duties, ensuring training/certification requirements are met and maintained, and developing and proctoring certification testing

Providing insight and/or oversight of NDE organizations at contractor/subcontractor locations that are responsible for NDE of incoming products (e.g. raw materials, component and subcomponent assemblies, and finished hardware) or for periodic inspections of structures in use (e.g. fleets of ships, airplanes, etc.)

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