Test Measurement Locations (TML)

Inspection & Testing

Test Measurement Location (TML) labels are used to identify locations on a structure or equipment where regular NDT inspections are to be carried out.

1. Consistency in Monitoring: By marking TMLs, technicians ensure that they are inspecting the same locations over time. This is essential for tracking the progression of any potential damage, wear, or corrosion.

2. Data Accuracy: When multiple inspections are performed over time, it’s crucial to compare the data accurately. Testing different areas might yield different results. TML labels ensure that data is being compared “apples to apples”.

3. Ease of Inspection: Instead of searching for or deciding on a new test spot every time, technicians can easily locate the TML and commence their inspection, saving time and ensuring that no critical areas are missed.

4. Documentation and Reporting: TMLs are often documented in inspection reports. If an area starts showing signs of wear or damage, having a documented history of inspections at that specific TML can be invaluable for decision-making on repairs or replacements.

5. Safety: Some areas on a structure or equipment might be more prone to damage or wear than others. By marking these as TMLs, it ensures that these critical areas are checked regularly, potentially preventing failures.

6. Training: For new technicians or inspectors, TMLs serve as a guide on where inspections have traditionally been carried out, ensuring continuity in testing procedures.

TMLs need to be easily identifiable, durable labels and resistant to environmental conditions.

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