Webinar: Tank Bottom Corrosion on the Soil Facing Side

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Upcoming Webinar on October 4, 2023

A simple, cost-effective solution to corrosion on the soil facing side of tank bottoms. We describe the development, application and testing of this coating technology. Along with a technical discussion of how and why it works and an explanation of why it is likely permanent.

Topics Covered . . .

Historical Perspective: A brief discussion of the history of soil side corrosion and why current methods haven’t worked.

Chemical Breakthrough: Explore the cutting-edge chemically bonded phosphate ceramic coating, its formation, and the science behind its efficiency.

Proven Efficiency: Discover third-party validations and real-world applications, witnessing the coating’s unparalleled performance in practical scenarios.

Cost & Environment Impact: Grasp the cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits, positioning your assets for long-term savings and sustainable operation.

Beyond The Surface: Understand the technology’s transformative potential to not just resist, but continuously improve corrosion protection over time.



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