Nikon’s Tilted CT Takes a New Angle on Nondestructive Testing

Inspection & Testing

Nikon Industrial Metrology has released a new x-ray computed laminography (CL) technique to help quality engineers achieve higher resolutions and faster inspection times in nondestructive testing applications.

According to the company, its Tilted CT technology can facilitate faster and more reliable inspections of planar, flat or high-aspect-ratio components.3D computed tomography (CT) is essential in nondestructive testing for quality engineers in many industries.

Creating a 3D image of a sample by compiling multiple X-rays from different directions around a rotational axis results in highly detailed representations of both internal and external features.

This can reveal otherwise hidden flaws, and is also useful for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing analysis.

However, one of the drawbacks of using CT is that the images it produces can have limited resolution because the axis of rotation must be orthogonal to the x-ray beam.

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