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Inspection & Testing

  1. Radiographic Testing Technician: This is like being a photographer, but for the inside of objects! They use special equipment that can see through materials to find hidden cracks or problems.
  2. Ultrasonic Testing Technician: Imagine using a special gadget that sends sound waves into materials like metal. This job is about listening to the echoes these sound waves make to find hidden flaws.
  3. Magnetic Particle Testing Technician: This one is like being a magician with a magnetic wand. They use magnetic fields and tiny iron particles to reveal cracks on or near the surface of materials.
  4. Liquid Penetrant Testing Technician: Think of this as using a super-detective liquid. This liquid can sneak into tiny, invisible cracks, and then, under a special light, it glows to show where the problems are.
  5. Visual Testing Technician: This is the most straightforward but still very important. It’s all about using your eyes and tools like magnifying glasses to look closely at structures and materials to find any damage.
  6. Eddy Current Testing Technician: This is a bit like being a wizard with electricity. They use electrical currents to find cracks and other issues in materials like metal.

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