DOE Awards $7 Billion for Hydrogen Hubs

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(Reuters) — The Biden administration has announced that seven proposed “hydrogen hubs” in 16 states will share $7 billion in federal grants to jump-start the emerging industry, which officials hope will clean up some of the biggest carbon-emitting industrial sectors.

The regional hubs are networks of hydrogen producers and consumers that will be linked with new and existing infrastructure. The Biden administration wants to scale up clean hydrogen output to 10 million metric tons of the fuel by 2030 and 50 million tons by 2050, a fivefold increase from today.

The following is a list of the winning hydrogen hub proposals:

Mid-Atlantic Hub

Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, awarded $750 million.

The money will help unlock hydrogen-driven decarbonization in the Mid-Atlantic and repurpose historic oil infrastructure. The project will develop renewable hydrogen production facilities powered by renewable energy and nuclear electricity.

Partners include Air Liquide, DuPont, Enbridge and others.

Appalachian Hub

West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania were awarded $925 million.

This hub will seek to leverage the region’s ample access to low-cost natural gas to produce low-cost clean hydrogen and permanently and safely store the associated carbon emissions.

Partners include EQT Corp. and GTI Energy.

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