Crack Detection: Why The Best Technology Matters

Inspection & Testing

Crack Detection: Why The Best Technology Matters
In the oil and gas pipeline industry, inline inspection (ILI) is a cornerstone of operational safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. It enables the assessment of pipeline health without causing harm or disruption to ongoing operations, helping pipeline operators identify and address potential threats that could result in catastrophic failures.

Inline Inspection and Pipeline Integrity Management

Maintaining the integrity of a pipeline is crucial to ensure its safe and efficient operation. Given the significance of pipelines in the transportation and distribution of oil and gas, a minor defect could escalate into a major threat if not detected and rectified promptly.

In an era where aging pipelines present a pressing concern, the industry faces complex challenges in effectively managing this critical infrastructure. Construction of new pipelines is slowing, and existing pipelines are under higher pressure to perform. Regulatory bodies are imposing stricter safety standards, forcing industry players to maintain and upgrade their infrastructure.

These two critical challenges of regulatory compliance and increasing demand must be managed together. Companies cannot sacrifice one for the other without negative consequences.


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