American Association for Laboratory Accreditation 2024 Conference Speakers

Inspection & Testing, Training & Events

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) has released a call for speakers to present at the 2024 A2LA Annual Conference in Denver, CO in April 2024.

Over the years, the A2LA Annual Conference has grown to become one of the largest, multidiscipline events in the accreditation industry, attracting attendees from over a dozen different sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, information technology, and calibration.

This is a valuable opportunity for anyone working in an industry that relies on accreditation, ISO, and quality and conformity assessment.

“Conference speakers will be able to take the spotlight on the accreditation industry’s most influential platform to showcase their industry expertise,” said Trace McInturff, Vice President of Accreditation Services, A2LA.

“The conference is also an excellent opportunity to network, learn new skills, and collaborate on topics that will contribute to continuous improvement within your own organization.”

Priority topics range from audit techniques, decision rules, measurement uncertainty, proficiency testing and risk assessment, to professional skills such as effective communication, problem solving, and leadership. Prospective speakers are encouraged to submit proposals on any topic they believe will benefit conference attendees.


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