NDT Inspection & Testing

Generative AI Aids Visualizing and Analyzing 3D & CT Scans

Inspection & Testing

Lumafield has unveiled Atlas, a groundbreaking AI co-pilot that helps engineers work faster by answering questions and solving complex engineering and manufacturing challenges using plain language.

Atlas is a new tool in Voyager, Lumafield’s cloud-based software for analyzing 3D scan and industrial CT scan data.

Along with Atlas, Lumafield also announced a major expansion of Voyager’s capabilities, including the ability to upload, analyze, and share data from any 3D scanner.

Atlas is an AI co-pilot for engineers that can answer engineering questions and analyze specific parts in plain language. 

Engineering teams have become increasingly distributed as supply chains stretch around the world and talented professionals opt to work remotely. 

Dealing with 3D scan data is particularly challenging. Although 3D scanners have become essential tools for product development and manufacturing, their software is typically limited to local PCs, blocking collaboration.

Voyager and Atlas help engineering teams work faster by facilitating the transfer of both data and expertise.


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